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Thank you for caring about me! 

I am a stray dog that is fed and cared for by a wonderful team of rescuers. 

If you are interested in taking me home, please contact Doris via WhatsApp 758-723-2174 or send a FB message to the Bruno Project! 

If you are interested in sponsoring me or my meals, you can donate to our 501c3 nonprofit by clicking here. 

To learn more about current efforts to help dogs like me, please keep reading. 

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The beautiful tag I am wearing was custom made by BestiesPets. 

My Story

I am tagged and wearing a collar to make myself identifiable to animal loving tourists like you! Once I got fixed and demonstrated that I am healthy enough, I was returned to the beach as our shelter and foster homes on the island are over capacity. While it seems sad, I have a beautiful view and am generally safe from vehicles. I'm also lucky because sometimes I get scraps of food from the resorts and their guests. Ideally though, I'd like to have a home and family of my own. Could that be you? 

The shelter that performs spay and neuters as well as keeps puppies and injured dogs safe is the St. Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS). They are located in Monier. We strongly encourage you to visit the shelter and give the dogs some love or a walk. They are lonely and could really use a human's touch to brighten their day. 

The team that feeds me and gives me my monthly preventatives is the Bruno Project. Their volunteers are scattered throughout the island, mostly in Castries. Since 2016 they have found over 1,630 dogs safe and loving forever homes abroad (Canada, America, United Kingdom, Germany and more).  

If I stay here, my life expectancy is only 3 years. 

Dogs like me don't stand a chance on the island. Why? Because the locals think we are worse than rodents. The locals poison us, run us over with their cars, put us in trash bags and throw us into dumpsters, slice us with machetes, tie us to trees with no water. Sometimes we are found in bags floating down rivers or in boxes in the middle of no where. Many locals struggle to feed themselves and cannot afford to take me to the vet nor give me food. Getting me and my animal friends off the island is imperative. 


We thank you for learning more about our efforts and for your willingness to help. Every contribution goes such a long way. 

For USA tax receipts, our EIN number is: 93-3576744

When contacting us, please try to include a photo of the pup you are referencing or a detailed description. 

WhatsApp: +1 758-723-2174 (Doris)

USA Direct or Whatsapp: +1 202-584-9350 (Blake)

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