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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask. We Answer.

Puppy on the Beach

Why Saint Lucia? Why not locally?

This is a great question. Every animal and every rescue deserves support and recognition. The main difference between locations are the resources. Our volunteers donate and assist with multiple local rescues. We partner locally, share resources, exchange donations and cross-promote. 

The population of Saint Lucia is comparable to the population of the entire state of Rhode Island. 

On the island, food is extremely limited and is dependent on the arrival of one boat or one plane. If the vehicle doesn't arrive, there will be no food. Ordering from an alternate vendor can take two weeks to a month. 

Veterinary care on the island is close to nonexistent. We have the fortune of having support from one vet who goes above and beyond. We have a second vet who assists 'when she has time'. The dogs are constantly suffering from injuries as locals use them as target practice (rocks, cars, knives). Lucian culture views dogs as protection or pests, if the dog does not guard, they are disposed of, run over, beaten, mistreated, poisoned... treated worse than a rodent as a rat would just be left alone. 

Shelter is another element missing from the island. While we have a shelter, it is very limited on space and has zero government support. Every ounce of assistance comes from kind hearted animal lovers, like you. 

How can I donate?

Click HERE to donate to St. Lucia Animal Protection Society.

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Black Dog

What's the relationship between Bruno Project St Lucia and Bruno Project Rescue?

Short answer - the two go hand in hand. We work in tandem as a collective team. 

Detailed answer - Bruno Project St Lucia and the St. Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) shelter are the boots on the ground. They're the team that are actively on the island picking up the strays, rushing the injured to the vet, tending to the shelter, feeding the dogs on their routes, prepping for airport runs, driving to the airport, waiting and loading at the airport. They are the team who wake up every day, despite the never ending battle of difficulties and road blocks, and lend their voices to the voiceless. They are the reason the dogs survive.  Bruno Project Rescue Inc. is the U.S. registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the team to help relieve them from administrative tasks and work as hard as they do to find homes for the animals, raise money for the medical bills, collect supplies to send to them so the rescue efforts are possible. 

Are there any volunteer opportunities?

Absolutely! We are always in need of an extra set of helping hands. It would be an honor to welcome you onboard and expand our team. Here are a few volunteer roles:

  • Foster

  • K9 Courier/Driver/Transporter 

  • Administrative Support 

  • Home Finder

  • Donation Collections

  • See more, here!

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